Ghost song

Sepenggal lyric lagu yang di tulis pandji pragiwaksono yang diilhami dari dendamnya. dia menggunakan kebencian terhadap musuh-musuh kehidupan dia untuk menjadi alasan maju.
Gw ga tulis lengkap semua lyric lagu ini. Karna cukup dengan kalian baca sepenggal lyric di bawah ini lw bakal tau apa yang juga gw rasain saat ini.!

You think I forgot about you?
You think I forgot what you did do you?
Do yo really think I’ll erase you from my head and my heart so easy do you?
Don’t you really hope that I’ll forgive you
Coz all my life I’ve been waiting for you, I’ve been, I’ve been waiting to say this to you.
I’ll try my best to not to kill you.
I REMEMBER HOW YOU EMBARASSED ME, you make me feel small in front of everybody.
They were mocking, screamin, laughin at me.
I was dying coz my friends turned to my enemy.
Im strong now coz you failed to kill me.
I set my mind, I’ll make you see me.
I’ll now kill you and your life to be.
I’ll show you what a man, that you have made me.

You know what I am to you man?
To you, im a ghost!
You cant see me, but I’ll haunt you with my success and you’d be embarassed with everything you’ve said to me.
Yea that’s right man… I remember everything!


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